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Local businesses are a key factor in sustaining any great place. Have you ever been in a great place and wished you could invest in a local business’s downtown expansion; or know of a great idea from a local entrepreneur that needs funding to get started? Well CrowdfundingMi provides those businesses a way to raise funding, and for you to invest. Michigan residents now have the opportunity to invest in the businesses they care most about, the ones close to home. Part of the allure of crowdfunding is the opportunity to support your investment by frequenting the businesses you choose to invest in. To realize this goal, CrowdfundingMi has joined with Localstake, a nationally recognized leader in business development crowdfunding to help transform the way people can invest in local businesses. This new platform gives you the power to invest directly in local businesses. We believe if people can support businesses they care about through personal investments, then together we can create great downtowns, better neighborhoods and stronger cities.

Localstake is an investment crowdfunding platform that startups and small businesses use to raise funding from investors in their community. Its mission is to help growing businesses more efficiently and effectively connect with capital in their community. With investment minimums as low as $250, Localstake provides investors of all wealth backgrounds the ability to invest in what they know best: local businesses in their community. Here are Michigan businesses that are being featured on Localstake.

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