Investment crowdfunding in Michigan is a brand new tool. Furthermore, only a handful of states have even implemented intrastate investment crowdfunding. So, there are understandably a lot of questions circulating from excited entrepreneurs and intrigued investors. Understanding where the gaps of knowledge are among small businesses and potential investors is one of the significant undertakings of Angela Barbash, angela-barbash-from-internetFounder of two consulting and research firms – Reconsider and Revalue.  Her research is aimed at determining what entrepreneurs and investors need to be active participants in local investing and then tailoring training programs to fit those needs. As investment crowdfunding in Michigan gains more and more attention, it is important that education for both investors and small businesses are rising equally – so demand for doing a raise doesn’t outpace supply of investors looking to invest and vice versa. Angela explains the focus of Reconsider and Revalue and how they are planning to provide worth to the crowdfunding movement here:

Angela Barbash Seeks to Educate on Local Investing in Michigan to Ensure Success