The first Public Spaces Community Places project , the Green Alley in Midtown Detroit, has surpassed its crowdfunding target goal of $50,000, raising $52,290!  This means green-alley-pic1they’ll be eligible for an additional $50,000 matching grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to bring the project to life. The project, which is an alley renovation at Seldon and Second, will feature green infrastructure, new paved pathway that connects sections of the community to promote walkability and serve as a central location for neighborhood activities. It will also feature rain gardens and native landscaping design. This is great news for the Midtown, and great news for the new program created by the MEDC in conjunction with the League and Patronicity. Committing to the investment of placemaking is essential for Michigan communities to continue to attract and retain talent and grow local economic prosperity. This program is an exciting opportunity that gives Michigan communities a leg up in those efforts. The application process is ongoing, so if you’ve got a great public space improvement plan – check out details on how to use crowdfunding to get a matching grant at!


Sue MoseySue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit Inc, discusses the Green Alley project, being the first Public Spaces Community Places applicant and grantee, and tips on crowdfunding for your project here:

First Public Spaces Community Places Project Surpasses Crowdfunding Target