The Green Alley project, by Midtown Detroit Inc, is the pilot project for an innovative new program launched today! The Public Spaces Community Places program was launched today, June 25th, by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, in conjunction with the Michigan Municipal League and Patronicity.  It that allows communities and non-profits to implement placemaking projects through a crowdfunding initiative, and receive a dollar for dollar matching grant up to $100,000. You can learn more specifics about the program by reading my blog post about it.

The Green Alley project is a great example for communities to see how to they can take advantage of this new funding initiative to help activate a variety of placemaking opportunities. Through this pilot project, Midtown is trying to raise $50,000 in donations from the crowd to leverage another $50,000 from MEDC to completely renovate and activate an alley in the heart of new developments. The plan  calls for the use of green infrastructure and unique lighting and landscape design features to help make the space a  truly unique urban space that will connect other components of the neighborhood.

We can’t wait to see what other projects emerge as this new program gets off the ground when the application process goes live in two weeks! If the Green Alley project is any indication, some Michigan communities will be getting some very cool new public spaces. Sign up here to be notified when applications go live.


Midtown Detroit’s Green Alley Project is Pilot Public Spaces Community Places Crowdfunding Effort!