Community Based InvestingWe’ve highlighted the work that Angela Barbash is doing to help grow the investment crowdfunding movement on before. Well now, her business, Reconsider, has teamed up with Michigan State University to publish a Co-Learning Plan that provides information about the MILE Act and the intrastate crowdfunding movement in general, explains the various types of crowdfunding campaigns, and introduces curriculum for investment readiness education. Whether you’re a business seeking to understanding what potential investors will want to know, a faculty member looking for up to date information on new funding mechanisms, or an economic development professional who wants to understand how our local economies are evolving, this Co-Learning Plan will be of interest to you. It’s exciting to get additional material out in the public realm to help get more people aware of this community and economic devlopment tool for Michigan communities. For more information about Reconsider or to contact the authors, go to

New Paper Published by ReConsider and Michigan State University Highlights Crowdfunding